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Boynton Elementary Chorus

Welcome to the Boynton Chorus!

*FIRST REHEARSAL: Thurs., Sept. 5th in the gym


Boynton's Got Talent Results

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. If your talent is not show cased this year, please keep trying. It sure would be nice if we had time to include it all. Ms. Thrower loves everyone and is so proud of all her students! All music must be given to Ms. Thrower on a CD no later than Feb. 28th/Friday. Please put it in a pastic bag with name and name of song. We cannot add songs at the last minute. Thank you for your cooperation. Please return permission forms ASAP. You must have permission field trip form in order to attend the dress rehearsal on March 27th, during the school day. Lunch will be served at HHS.  Our show is March 27th/Heritage High Auditorium at 7 p.m. Tickets: $5 Adults/$3 Children. See you there!


1. Marissa Curtis/Piano solo

2. Darby Gallagher/Clog

3. Dancing Darlings/Dance

4. Brianna Campbell, Lydia Forehand, Evelyn Forehand, Darby Gallagher/Dance

5. Cassidy Gabeline: Dance

6. Baily Christol: Solo

7. Lydia Locke, Pierce Monroe, Victoria McConathy: Acrobats Routine

8. Anna Rowan: Solo

9. Abi Johnston: Solo

10. Luke Thacker, Jameson Shook: Dance

11. Alex Jones: Piano Solo

12. Natalie Stone: Solo

13. Kadyn Moore: Guitar

14. A.J. Sullivan: Dance

15. Boynton Chorus



Congrats! Our song, "Listen to The Music" has made #1 on two fan voted charts!  What an exciting year!

(See our photo Albumn for pics of our upcoming events.)


 Upcoming Performances

Christmas Parade: Dec. 6th/Ringgold Depot Downtown

Please arrive by 7:30 p.m. (make time for traffic)

Performance is at 8 p.m. Inside Depot.

Please wear long white tee under red shirts for cold weather. We will sing inside the Depot.

Thank you for arriving early.


NYC News

Leave Sunday,December 8th. Please arrive by 4 a.m. in order to tag luggage and check in.

Please turn in permission trip forms this week, Dec. 3rd.

Remember to bring a lunch for the trip up. We will stop for breakfast and dinner.

Items to bring:

1. Chorus outfit with long sleeve white tee to go under red shirts.

2. one carry on bag/one luggage

3. snacks

4. blanket/pillow

5. comfortable walking shoes

6. DVD's for bus viewing (G rated please)

7. games for bus/ipads,etc.

8. warm clothes, coats, gloves, scarves

9. extra spending money

10. cameras/phones


 VIP Chorus NYC Sponsors

Thank you to the following sponsors of our NYC trip. We appreciate you!

1. The Tate Family

2. Parkway Pharmacy

3. Williams and Johnson Transmissions

4. Ed's Supply

5. Nana and Papa Brown

6. Walgreen's Pharmacy

7. Bridget Vick

8. Rick and Aaron

9. Chattanooga Women's Specialist

10. Jennifer Hairsine

11. Ralph and Cassidy Hairsine

12. Richard Stansbury

13. Jim and Shirely Forester






Standard Chorus News

We are excited about our new year in music! Our chorus is nationally recognized for their appearances at some of our nation's well known venues such as: Radio City Music Hall/NYC, The Nation's Capitol/Washington, D.C., America's Got Talent Auditions/Hollywood, CA., and more! Check this page each week (and calendar page) for updates regarding performances, tours, and other chorus news.


Rehearsals are from 3:00-4:00 p.m. each Monday and Thursday in the gym. Pick up is at car riders, or Boynton Beyond.

*School policy states that early dismissals must be done from the front office. Your child will be sent from the gym when called by the office. Thank you for your cooperation. Your child's safety is number one.

Looking forward to a fabulous year!

Sheri Thrower/Director



3rd Grade     4th grade     5th Grade
Atwell, Sophie     Austin, Emily     Adams, Haley
Bittle, Kaleb     Barnes, Iley     Allison, Parker
Brown, Gilly     Beagles, Edie     Atwell, Edy
Burnette, Macy     Brogan, Rachel     Brewster,  Chelsea
Callahan, Mia     Brown, Connor     Clark, Abby
Childress, Alex     Brown, Harrison     Clark, Madison
Curtis, Marissa     Brown, Jenna     Cobb, Jake
Deberry, Sarah  Kate     Brown, Layla     Cohen, Taylor
Flannagan, Jackson     Bulland, Kaleb     Colbert, Hannah
Harris, Mark     Burchard, Rebecca     Forehand, Lydia
Holcomb, Kahlynn     Davis, Kaylan     Grayson, Maggie
Hunt, Madi     Debet, Olivia     Harrell, Kendal
Kate, Suzanna     Fornet, Tristan     Jones, McKenna
Kilburn, Olivia     Francis, Lauren     Leal, Gabriel
Locke, Lydia     Gallagher, Darby     Monroe, Page
      Goins, Bradley     Morris, Mallory
Matish, Logan     Ha, Zoe     Pumphrey, Kyle
Monroe, Pierce     Hall, Keilah     Quinn, Taylor
Moore, Cadyn     Headrick, Hailey     Shelton, Kaley
Potts, Destiny     Henderson, Garrett     Sidney, Ayanna
Raper, McKayla     Henshaw, Madeline     Spires, Kelsey
Rowan, Anna     Hester, Madi     St. John, Sydney
Sharp, Connor     Horner, Brenley     Stone, Natalie
Sloan, Dillon     Howard, Gage     Teems, Kelsie
Thompson, Katie     Johnston, Abi     Thompson, Chloe
Tyrrell, Stephen     Jones, Alex     Toomey, Abby
Vick, Lyn     Jost, Elliott     Turner, Blaine
Wright, Lindsey     Lovell, Lilly     Whittler, Skyla
 Victoria McConathy     McConathy, Rosie      
      Nicholson, Jackson      
      Parker, Allie      
      Pellam, Victoria      
      Proctor, Kelsie      
      Purple, Ethan      
      Rhodes, Micah      
      Scott, Abby      
      Simmerly, Ashley      
      Sixto, Nadia      
      Smith, Graham      
      Sullivan,  A.J.      
      Taylor, Parker      
      Trotter, Jacob      
      Walther, Emma      
      White, Emma Kate      
      Williams, Camron      
      Wright, Zoe      
       Joy Julian