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Mrs.  Jennifer  Scott
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Principal's Corner

2019 is Going to Be INCREDIBLE!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our students, staff, and Boynton families! I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday along with your winter break and had lots of opportunities to spend quality time with your family. What an exciting time of year! A time of reflection and new beginnings. This year has been incredible! Our teachers and students have been working diligently since school started and their efforts are paying off. The new year marks the point in the year when we see many students take giant leaps in their learning. This month our students will begin their midyear benchmark testing. During the month of January our focus will be on helping students show what they know on their benchmark test and provide them with a high quality education. Data will be analyzed and decisions will be made for each of our students to provide them with interventions/extensions to meet their individual learning needs. Students will begin tracking their own data along with their teacher to promote self-awareness and ownership of their learning. We are excited about what the new year holds for Boynton. As we travel through the remainder of our school year, we pledge to continue to serve our students with excellence. 2019 is going to be INCREDIBLE!